Rare museum

The present tomb of Nader Shah located on the northwest side of Shahada (Naderi former) mosque that is considered to be the most important tourist and historical place in the city of Mashhad after the Tomb of Imam Reza. This building was built in an area of ​​۱۴,۴۰۰ square meters.


Mashhad Bread Museum

The traditional bread bread museum of Mashhad is one of the manifestations of our culture and identity in the field of nutrition over the course of the ages, which, in comparison with imported buns, have a high level of health, according to this …



Gray Robusta Mashhad

This monument is located 17 kilometers south of Mashhad along with a village of the same name, Rabat in the past, the location of bus and coach passengers and caravans along the highway of Herat, Tushe and Neyshabur Bou …




New Deer Shore Castle

The castle at the bottom of the desert is at the highest point overlooking the village of Dehersorkh, the remnants of the ancient fortress, known as the “castle of the New”, which is found with clay, mud and carvings, and its initial fences are up to five meters.



East Diamond Trade Complex

East Almas Trade Complex in Mashhad, is located in the business district of Siad Khorasan. In this area, the big markets of Kaveh and Khayyam are also located




Commercial and recreational complex of the sky

This stylish complex is the largest shopping mall in Mashhad, which has the largest class of parking in Iran. There are 700 commercial units that are the most fashionable and …



Alton Commercial Tower

The Alton Tower is a spectacular, commercially-constructed complex that astonishes every citizen and passenger walking on the street (tourist and business) for exploring and shopping …



Proma Commercial-Recreational Complex

Proma, which looks very stylish and beautifully designed, looks like a glass cube. This glass cube has various commercial and entertainment …



Imam Zadeh Yasser Nasser

The village of Golestan, which is located in the city of Torqabeh, has a religious position in addition to the natural and baylings, and the tomb of Imam Zadegan Seyyed Naser and Sayyid Yasir (AS) are at the beginning of the entrance to this beautiful village. According to some historical texts, these Imams are Imam Reza (AS) unrelated brothers who emigrated to this land after his departure to Khorasan with Ansar and his brothers.




Torqabeh Mashhad is one of the most beautiful attractions of the holy city of Mashhad. Torqabeh Mashhad is one of the cities of Torqabeh Shandiz located in the holy city of Mashhad in the province of Khorasan Razavi and is also located on the slopes of Binalud Mountains. The Mashhad Torqbah was considered one of the great settlements of ancient Tushe. The city of Torqabeh has a long history, and in the past (Islamic Ages), this city was known as one of the districts of the Tous, known as Torbādz, due to the fact that the city was on the mountainous road and Mashhad to Nishapur, during the centuries Islam was considered as a passage and promenade. In the past, the Torghabeh of Mashhad was one of the small and pleasant villages of Tus, which was used as a summer resort in the first half of the year. But today, and after time, Torghebeh Mashhad has become a small town with many leisure and tourism facilities and has been able to attract the attention of travelers and pilgrims of Mashhad tour.




Shandiz is a city in Khorasan Razavi province in northeastern Iran. The unique features of Shandiz are valleys of Mosafa and Gilan, which, along with shrub with trees, wild flowers, temperate climate of Shandiz and the psychological rivers originating from the northern slopes of the Binaloud Mountains, have created beautiful scenery and many tourists in all seasons They are thrown into the area that the streams of Moghan, Maj, Mayan, Dehbar, Jaghagh, Kong and Sashkh are among these rivers.







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