Mashhad Autumn Park

Couch is one of the oldest and most rational Mashhad walkways, due to the presence of two rocky mountains overlooking the city.



Wahdat Park of Mashhad

Vahdat Park of Mashhad This park is very much appreciated by the tourists due to artificial lake and a place for outdoor performances. Many years ago, the park was designed to hold …


Another tourist attraction in the city of Kalat is the waterfall and the beautiful scenery around it. This is a relatively high waterfall that fights through the lush mountains of the area



Akhlamad waterfall in Mashhad

This cascade runs 2km from the old village of Akhlamad. Due to high altitude and high rainfall, this cascade in the early months of each year has the highest amount of water and deceptive beauty …


Khoshdara village

Khoshdereh, a beautifully rural village, is one of the best-in-towns of the city of Mahvolat in Khorasan Razavi province.



Village of golestan

The village of Golestan, 5 km from Mashhad, has mountainous landscapes and fruit gardens with lush valleys, which despite the existence of these natural gifts, including the Golestan clause, has the holy shrine of Imamzadegan …



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