It is a type of eye surgery used to treat some retinal and vitreous disorders. In the vitrectomy, the vitreous is removed and the surgeon replaces it with a special solution. Delicate surgical instruments are inserted into the eye by creating a small incision in the sclera or the white part of the eye.Which cases are the candidates for vitrectomy

-Diabetic retinopathy, especially in case of retinal hemorrhage or traction

– Some cases of retinal detachment

– Intraocular infection

– Severe eye injury

– Macular pucker (central retina area)

– Macular hole

– Disorders after cataract surgery

Damaged tissue that may cause retinal displacement, wrinkles or detachment is removed by vitrectomy surgery. Vitrectomy can help remove foreign bodies trapped inside the eye after trauma. If these foreign bodies are not removed, they will often impair vision.

After Surgery

Pain or discomfort is expected after surgery. It is recommended to use eye shield for a short time after surgery. It is forbidden to fly or travel to high altitudes until the gas bubbles are dissipated because the rapid rise in height can lead to a dangerous increase in the eye pressure. In cases where silicone oil is used, it is necessary to monitor the patient regularly and periodically, as silicone oil may cause problems over time and there might be a need for oil to be urgently removed.









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