۱-Free Consultant

International Patient Unit at the Promised Patient Center. Consultancy Services in the Fields
Investigating the medical records of the applicant in various fields of ophthalmology before entering Iran at the time of arrival in Iran






۲٫ Primary check in diagnostic fields

The International Patient Unit at the Well-Being Center for Clinical Well-being carries out clinical services for the first checkout and the cost of treatment.





۳-treatment treatment:

The International Patient Unit at the Promised Patients’ Center offers occasional visits from specialized physicians through the website and the contact number.





۴- Acceptance until clearance and Falou up in the center

The International Patient Unit puts the patient from the time he arrives to the discharge and continues at the Promised Patient Treatment Center in the shadow of the unit’s services.








۵٫ Accompanying translator of the language

The International Patients’ Department of the Promised Patient Therapy Center provides Arabic and English translators for accompanying foreign guests and perform activities such as welcoming and attending guests during their service and staying in touch.


۶٫ Special medical transfer

The International Patient Unit provides the promising treatment center for patients at the times necessary for transferring with ambulance to the lips or appropriate rides.



۷٫ Provision of services in the post-treatment period

After the treatment and departure of the traveler from Iran, health care is not completed and the healthcare provider takes care of the post-treatment services by contacting the International Hospital of the Promised Patient Health Center






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