This is a multi-functional, user-friendly, reliable, 2-in-1 topography and pachymetry, diagnostic device. It determines exact corneal thickness and wave front data in a single step.

The SCHWIND SIRIUS provides indispensable information on corneal thickness and comprehensive diagnostic assistance.

The SCHWIND PERAMIS provides extremely precise diagnostic information and help for determining the appropriate treatment method. It is a Topographer combined with aberrometer.

In a single step, this combination topograph and aberrometer analyses the optical characteristics of the cornea and the entire eye. A unique feature of SCHWIND diagnostic devices is the inclusion of static cyclotorsion control in all treatment methods using SCHWIND AMARIS.

Since the two diagnostic tools are combined in a single device, the corneal and ocular wavefront data of the entire eye can be compared to identify internal aberrations. SCHWIND PERAMIS supplies detail information and an overview for analysis of the patient’s data. This helps the doctor determine the treatment method that is best suited for each patient.


  • Convenient 2-in-1 system combining topograph and aberrometer
  • Placido topograph with 1 µm resolution for high precision
  • Aberrometer: the highest precision through three to six times higher resolution than standard devices on the market
  • Comprehensive evaluation of corneal and ocular wavefront data in a single step
  • Static cyclotorsion
  • information for more precise treatment results




OCULUS Pentacam

The Gold Standard in anterior eye segment tomography

Since its introduction in 2002, the OCULUS Pentacam® has proven itself indispensable and has come to represent the “Gold Standard” worldwide. Its measurements provides the basis for precise and reliable diagnostics and successful treatment of the anterior segment. It is an excellent tool to detect and monitor keratoconus progression.

Three screening parameters for glaucoma are automatically displayed in the General Overview display of the Pentacam®: Anterior chamber angle, anterior chamber depth and anterior chamber volume. Angles measurement data will be displayed for all the images, however sometimes and eyelid for example may obstruct the angle being displayed, resulting in the specific image to have an extrapolated rather than measured angle. But as mentioned above the Pentacam® measures three parameters aiding in glaucoma screening and in a study by Grewal et al. it was shown that anterior chamber volume is a more sensitive parameter than chamber angles.
Comparison of scheimpflug imaging and spectral domain anterior segment optical coherence tomography for detection of narrow anterior chamber angles.







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